I have to pull posts probably a little more often than most folks on this forum. Being a little lazy and really not interested in picking up others and their problems to help me do things I've had to come up with an idea or two.
One of the handiest is my post pulling attachment. It's so simple that when you see it we might have an epidemic of sore foreheads.
On this job I had forty plus posts to pull. Some were concreted in, most weren't. They were all thirty to thirty six inches deep in our wonderful clay that we affectionately call, "gumbo". I broke off three posts. I had a couple break coming out but didn't come apart until they were free.
I did them all except for three the other day. In a little over an hour I knocked down three rails of two by sixes and pulled all the posts but those attached to the drive gate and it's operator (disconnected of course, another GTO--Little Mule bit the dust).
I kicked myself for not having the camera close when I did it. So today I made a point of taking the pictures.
Here's attachment in place ready to get it on, er, up.
As you can see it's just a half circle welded to the top of the front loader bucket. I slip the half circle around the pole, curl the bucket to get a grip, and then lift.
Sometimes it takes a little preloosening, sometimes it takes a few grips because of slippage. Too much curl and the post breaks, guaranteed.
Up up up and .......

It works slick, might call it the WD 40 of post pulling gadgets.
Note the concrete on the gate post on the ground. You'll also see some severe FEL burn, slippage
Hope this helps.