Harvey Lacey

I live in Wylie, Texas, fondly referred to as Wide  Awake Wylie.  We’re a little north and east of Dallas.

I can be reached at harvey@harveylacey.com

My phone number is 972 442 3987

If I don’t answer when you call then leave a message.  I work even though I’m sixty one years old.  And I usually put the phone in the truck or on or in something to avoid running over it, dropping it off of a roof or into a hole.  That’s happened.  I’ve learned to appreciate SIMS cards let me tell you.

  • craftbender

    Hey Harvey, your plastic blocks look a little bit like the mini bales I make on my little baler. I sell the little straw bales in the autumn from my front yard. I live in the country but the farm road in front of my house is very busy. Later Riley

  • John Howland

    Harv, hope you’re doing well. Notice you’re still posting on TBN but nothing new here for a while. Look forward to new adventures! Later, John

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