Well, close. We've got two power poles left from an old service feed on a bud's place.
So Iris and me decided to pull them and then put one down by the pond.
First I put the sixteen auger on Iris and dug holes besides the poles and then one down at the pond.
A little perspective.
Then it was a simple matter of shaking the post loose and allowing it fall into the hole beside it. Iris isn't a wench but she can winch a pole out of hole. Even if it's eight foot deep.
That and this was pole number two. It was longer and so we decided it would be the one to move over to the pond.
Iris looks almost intimidated you think?
What was fun was this little itty bitty tiny ditch.
It was fun. I think my pucker string was not only taut but learned on this one.
And it worked.
Iris is one tricky lady. She does so many things so well.
And Leo, Ethan got his today, thanks.