Shelters for All Contest rejected Ubuntu-blox

On 3/1/12, SheltersForAll <> wrote:
> Dear Participant,
> We regret to inform you that your submission did not comply with the
> Competition requirements.
> We asked that each submission includes *all *of the following:

> – One page written summary of your design concept (Letter-size or A4, 12
> pt, Times Roman Font, 1 inch margins, single-spaced).
> – One page justification for the estimated construction time
> – One page justification of the estimated cost
> – Up to 5 additional pages of schematics, blueprints, renderings or images
> of the design. Dimensions should be provided.
> – Projects must be in English.
> Because your submission did not include the one page written summary of the
> estimated construction time, it will not be considered for one of the
> prizes.
> If you think there has been a misunderstanding, please email us immediately
> at
> Thank you for your interest in the Shelters For All Competition.
> Sincerely,
> The Shelters For All Team

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