March 2nd, Port Au Prince

Today I’m feeling much better.  Evidently I picked up an upper respiratory bug on an airplane.  By the time I got to Haiti Communitere compound I was sick.  Yesterday I spent almost all day in bed.  I got up this morning though with a little left over ickiness but for the most part, my usual full of it self.  It was good to see those who remember me from last year to duck their heads and grin as the new guy gave the almost new guys and gals heck.

There are some upgrades here at the compound that make life much better than it was before.  Probably at the top of the list is running shower.  It is crude but it works in that water runs out of a faucet.  We don’t have to use the buckets and dippers.  The water isn’t heated but with days like today, expected high of 95 degrees, a cool shower is as good as it can get.

The other important thing is the meals, they are much better.  Yesterday for supper we had rice, beans, and some unknown stuff that tasted good enough to make me forget I was eating rice and beans.   Lunch was a spring salad kind of thing with a piece of beef about the size of a prune.  Breakfast yesterday was hard boiled eggs along with fruits.  I like eggs.  This morning it was fruits, mango, avocado, bananas, water melon, and bread and butter.  I had bread and butter with avocado and watermelon on the side.

The kids are different but the same.  Their commitment to making a difference is humbling.   So many come to Haiti for the photo ops to take back home and be somebody they aren’t.  None of these kids here are like that.  They are my heroes.



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