We did a compression test today

We don’t have access to an academics lab to do testing on the blocks.  So I did the next best thing…

Click on the “more” for photos and more dialog..

As you can see, the block was distorted in our redneck/red truck compression test.

This is a redneck’s red truck that weighs fifteen thousand pounds or so just about any day of the week empty.  Most of the weight is on the front axle when it’s empty, diesel motor and all.  I think an estimate of two ton or four thousand pounds or so would be a safe estimate of weight applied to the block.

One of the neat things about plastic is its resiliency.  If you look close I think you’ll agree that even if the block failed the two ton redneck red truck weight bearing test it will still work just fine in a wall.

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    Remove all of the spark plugs from the engine and disable the ignition system to avoid electrical shock during the compression test. If the SUV contains a V8 engine, there will be eight spark plugs, but if it has a smaller V6 engine, there will be only six.

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